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Welcome to Xi'an Sunsew Sewing Machine Supplier Co., Ltd., as a branch of Xi'an Foreign Trade & Economic Development   Corp (A Government owned company established in 1985). 


We are a main Chinese sewing machine exporter with 16 years experience in the business line and supported by hundreds of Chinese sewing machine manufacturers, We have sold machine to buyers from many countries, some of come from developed countries. Now we are supplying many kinds of industrial an household machines with high quality and reasonable prices, here we welcome distributors, wholesaler or dealers all over the world to contact us for the business purpose, and enjoy our best services. We only show a little part of our products in this web site, If you look for something not to be shown here, please let us know and we will send you our full catalogues with prices list.  


Please note here we don't show the machine's brand, and specially we would be happy to accept buyer's OEM order.  


Please let us know too if you have any questions or comments on our machines.