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  • Description: SW 988MX-4EP DIRECT DRIVE SUPER HIGH SPEED COMPUTERIZED OVERLOCK SEWING MACHINE WITHAUTO TRIMMER This series machine the maximum sewing speed can up to 7000rpm;It can be automatic presser foot lift,the installation of the suction line and trimming devices,using a computer direct-drive built-in serv...
  • Description: SW 798EXT-4D SUPER HIGH SPEED OVERLOCK SEWING MACHINE(UP AND DOWN THE DIFFERENTIAL)  This machine adopt top and bottom feed which operate independently.By combination of increasing the differential motion ratio and the advantage of feed mechanism to prevent uneven material feed,also this machine ca...
  • Description: SW 788-5-48 5 THREAD GATHERING SEAMING OVERLOCK SW 788-5-48 continuous or internittent random gathering on lower ply of medium fabric,can be equipped with piping binder to inerease seving quahty for shirt,bedspread,curtain etc.
  • Description: SW 747F-514M2 Stitch Sample Applicable to regular seaning on thin,medium-heavy material,lextile.Due to its automatic lubricating device,the machine operates perfectly and smoothly at low sewing tension,and perfect stable stitches even at high speed seaming.  
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